Depression causes negative changes in a persons mood (such as being sad all the time), feelings (such as feeling alone), thinking (low self esteem) and behaviour. People who have depression feel sad for a long time and the feeling of being sad does not go away. A person with depression finds it difficult to do everyday work and live a healthy and happy life.

Together with the feeling of being sad the person can also feel the following:

  • No interest in everyday work
  • Always feeling tired
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Problems focusing
  • Eating too much or too little

In South Africa depression is also referred to as:

  • “Dangala” (worn out of body and mind or dejected)
  • “Khathele/ukukhathala” (sense of worry and also conveys peace)
  • “Ukukhathazeha” (conveys grief, worry, hurt, sadness as well as heartache)
  • “Thinking too much”

Depression can affect anyone. With the correct treatment depression can be treated and you can live a normal life.

What Causes Depression?

The cause of depression is different for every person. Possible triggers/causes include:

  • Experiencing a stressful event (For example: losing a loved one, chronic illness, divorce, losing a job)
  • Changes in the chemicals in the brain
  • Hormonal changes
  • Family history of depression increases your chances of getting depression.

What are the Effects of Depression?

Depression can affect you as a person as well as your relationships with others

  • Feeling sad
  • Poor hygiene (not taking care of how you look, not taking baths)
  • Not being motivated
  • Showing no interest in working towards life goals and daily tasks
  • Thinking you are not important
  • Not wanting to spend time with close family and friends

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